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We provide small businesses with a necessary connection to the outside world through dial tone, a White and Yellow Pages directory listing, a Directory Assistance listing, and a pre-determined number of free Directory Assistance queries each month. Number of monthly queries varies by state.

Our Benefits -

  • We ensure that your customers can always reach you, even when you are on the computer, checking email, searching for information on the Internet
  • Your employees always have a line when they need to place an outgoing call to a customer, thereby enhancing customer service and employee productivity
  • Additional dedicated lines for fax machines and computers can improve productivity and efficiency—you're always ready for increased call volume from a special marketing promotion
  • Free White and Yellow Pages listings ensure that new and existing customers can find you
  • Free Directory Assistance listing means that our trained operators will help callers find you when they need additional help

Your Features -

  • Provides additional capacity for Small Business Customers through an extra line for fax machines, computer use or outgoing and incoming calls
  • Includes listings in the White and Yellow Page directories and a Directory Assistance listing
  • Plus a pre-determined number of free Directory Assistance queries each month that varies by state