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ISDN PRI Services


Fast And Seamless!
Primary Rate ISDN Service offers you the power to create a seamless communications system that speeds and smoothes the flow of information without the expense of dedicated lines, modems, and special cabling.

Primary Rate ISDN Service links your PBX to our advanced central office system to provide you with global, digital connectivity and the full functionality of Centrex service. Primary Rate ISDN Service is the digital network architecture that allows you to transmit voice, data, video, and image, separately or simultaneously - either over standard telephone lines or fiber optic circuits via a standard interface. A single ISDN channel is a fast and flexible information management tool, but Primary Rate ISDN Service is 24 times more powerful - bundling 24 ISDN channels for delivery to your premises.

The Primary Rate ISDN Service configuration is known as 23B + D: 23B channels for transport of voice, data, video, and image at 64 Kbps plus a single D channel for call setup and control. The 23B channels may be rearranged in a wide variety of ways to accommodate your highly specific needs.

Primary Rate ISDN Service Applications -

  • LAN interconnection
  • Video conferencing
  • Virtual office
  • Backbone LAN access
  • Voice and data integration
  • Image transfer
  • Business continuation and disaster recovery
  • PBX

Benefits -

  • Bandwidth on demand gives you exceptional flexibility and the functionality of multiple communication circuits at a comparable price
  • Borderless communications enables you to share all kinds of information with virtually anyone, anytime, anywhere
  • Functions on standard analog four-wire and fiber optic circuits - technology that is both widely deployed and cost effective.
  • Digital speed and accuracy
  • Fast, reliable backup for lines and host computers
  • Calling Name and Number provide added security (Calling Name is an optional feature and is not available in all switches)
  • Faster call setup occurs because the signaling information is over a separate D channel - speeding up the origination, termination, or any other changes required to process your calls (also referred to as out-of-band signaling).