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High Speed Internet Access (check for DSL availability)
DSL is one of the easiest ways to get ultra-high speed connections. With more and more work being handled on-line, it's frustrating when long transfer times and inefficient connections keep you from getting the job done. 

Now with DSL, you can dramatically increase the speed of your on-line connections by adding a high-speed digital connection on one of your voice lines. By adding DSL, you can continue to make voice calls while also transmitting data, receiving files or working on the Internet. You'll get data transmission speeds up to 25 times faster than a traditional analog modem, without making a huge investment in new equipment. 

How Your Business Could Use DSL:

  • Gives you high-speed connection directly to your ISP or to your company LAN
  • Doing so with speeds up to 7Mbps.
  • You'll have a dedicated connection that is "continuously on" to receive and transmit in real time
  • No more waiting for dial ups, and no security worries
  • Transmit large files in a matter of minutes.
  • Your computers and your staff are then free to continue working on other tasks.
  • Simultaneously talk with a customer and view e-mail.
  • Conduct video conferences at your desktop.
  • Set up an efficient telecommuting program.
DSL provides the following features:
  • multiple levels of service (up to 7Mbps)
  • always-on voice and data
  • Priority replacement of defective modems
  • Service Level Assurances (SLA)


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