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DS-3 Digital Private Line Transport Service can help your organization reach the next level of speed, power, reliability and efficiency in data, voice and video communications. DS-3 Service is a high-capacity information pipeline operating at 44.736 Mbps. The 45 Mbps signal can be channeled down to provide 28 T-1 circuits – each one operating at 1.544 Mbps. Multiplexing ability enables you to derive voice services and lower digital speeds – and to access a broad range of exchange services on an economical basis. This advanced, digital communications solution is designed and deployed to support such mission-critical business functions and applications as:

  • Local area, metropolitan area and wide area networking
  • Remote, extended and mobile workplace solutions
  • Remote database backup
  • Computer aided design and manufacturing
  • Remote printing, publishing and check sorting
  • High-speed, host-to-host networking
  • Full duplex video/audio conferencing
  • Accurate, high-speed transfer of exceptionally large files
  • PBX networking
  • POS, ATM and credit/debit card authorization

Benefits -
Speed, power, flexibility – and the bandwidth required to accommodate today’s key business applications. These are among the advantages available to you via DS-3 Digital Private Line Transport Service. Significant benefits include:
  • Cost savings. DS-3 can be used for voice, data, video and switched services, eliminating the need to maintain and pay for multiple dedicated lines to support different applications.
  • Reliability. High standards of accuracy and system availability, including 99.86% error-free seconds and 99.98% availability. Monitoring of a single DS-3 circuit – rather than multiple dedicated lines – makes for faster diagnosis of problems, too.
  • Security. Fiber optic circuits are highly-resistant to tampering, providing an extra level of security on DS-3 Service.
  • Expandability. The service is designed to be flexible, so transmission capabilities can readily expand to meet changing requirements. Multiple DS-3s can be upgraded to other high-speed services quickly and easily.
  • Enhanced functionality. DS-3 service can be used in conjunction with a variety of enhanced services, including central office multiplexing, Command-A-Link, Self-Healing Alternate Route Protection (SHARP) and SHARP Plus.
You can depend upon us for proven precision, power and performance. Our DS-3 Service offers you a range of flexible, cost-effective alternatives in high-capacity, high-speed data, video and voice applications. You can save both time and money through bulk transfer of information, and you can take advantage of today’s most useful – yet bandwidth intensive – applications.

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