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DS-1 Digital Private Line Transport Service can meet your needs for reliable, secure and cost-effective transport of bulk communications between two locations. DS-1 – also known as T-1 technology – is a dedicated, point-to-point digital transport pipeline designed for full-duplex transmission of data, voice and video at 1.544 Mbps. Each DS-1 Service comprises 24 channels that may be assigned in a wide variety of ways to support switched access, local exchange service, low-speed data, voice grade communications, audio services and digital data services.

Because transmission is digital from end to end, the signal is clean and pure – free of crosstalk, amplified noise or distortion. Unlike switched services that share resources, DS-1 guarantees that the full bandwidth is available for your use. Some of the diverse applications that are supported by DS-1 Service include:

  • Bulk data and file transfer
  • Internet access
  • Centralized networking for data processing
  • LAN/WAN connectivity
  • Medical imaging
  • Digital PBX connectivity
  • Call center management
  • Interexchange carrier connectivity
  • Voice and data integration
  • Computer telephony integration (CTI)
With DS-1 Service, you can: aggregate numerous, low-speed lines onto a single, high-speed circuit; multiplex your circuits to derive voice, data and video channels; link local area networks (LANs); and rearrange your network facilities any way you want to, any time you need to. DS-1 Service provides you with:

  • Economies of scale through consolidation of voice and data on one high-capacity channel
  • Improved response time – allowing quicker relay of messages than analog or switched services
  • 24 X 7 network monitoring and maintenance by some of the nation’s leading engineers and technicians
  • Ability to mix voice, data and video in virtually any combination that meets your business needs
  • High level of security, exceptional reliability and rate stability – with your choice of pricing plan options that stay the same for the term of your agreement

DS-1 Private Line Transport Service is high-speed, digital access that supports a comprehensive set of voice and data applications to provide the business solutions you need. DS-1 can reduce your expenses and help to keep costs under control by combining your key data and voice applications on a single, economical circuit.

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