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Customize Your Phone Service!
A cost-effective, central office–based system that grows with you, Centrex lets you customize your telephone service to suit your unique business needs, so you pay only for the capacity and features you need. With Centrex, you can have from two lines to as many as you need, so you can expand to build a complex system with virtually unlimited capacity and multiple locations. And you can add or remove lines as necessary.

Choose A Leader!
Centrex leads the industry in keeping telecommunications systems up and running, even under the most adverse conditions. We maintain and monitor your system around the clock, every day of the year. No other telecommunications company matches our success in keeping businesses running during emergencies, because the Centrex switching network is housed in the central offices.

Your Advantages Are Limitless!
You can subscribe to a wide variety of features that suit your system and station line as well as seasonal needs. You can always add or remove lines and features as you wish. Centrex also provides the backbone architecture for other usage and data products, such as Voice Mail, Custom 8, Centrex ISDN, tie lines, and private lines.

Standard Features
  • Call Transfer: transfers calls, even cellular calls, to another line – either inside or outside your Centrex system.

  • Direct Inward Dialing and Direct Outward Dialing: allow you to route calls directly or through an attendant.

  • Hunting: automatically sends an incoming call from a busy line to the next designated line.

  • Line Restriction: limits phone access on selected lines so that only authorized numbers or regions can be called.

  • Station Line Identification: provides a detailed record of calls made by each Centrex station – including start time, duration, and toll call numbers.

  • Station-to-Station Dialing: allows you to intercom between stations by using abbreviated dialing. Intercom calls between stations don't incur message units, even if the other station is in another location.

  • Three-Way Calling: turns a two-way call into a mini-conference. You can add a third person to your call at any time.

Optional Centrex Features

  • Centrex with Voice Mail: transfers calls to your individual mailbox if you're not available. From your mailbox, you can transfer messages among all Centrex users – within one office, or among multiple offices or locations.

  • Automatic Callback: allows a station user to be called when a previously busy station becomes idle.

  • Call Forwarding—Busy Line: automatically reroutes calls to a designated station or your voice mail if your line is busy.

  • Call Forwarding—Don't Answer: automatically reroutes calls to another phone if you haven't responded within a preset number of rings.

  • Call Forwarding—Variable: automatically forwards calls wherever you like, inside or outside your business.

  • Call Hold: lets you put a caller on hold for an unlimited period of time, even on a phone without a hold button. Unlike a hold button, this feature provides access to a dial tone while the call is being held.

  • Call Park: lets you hold a call on one Centrex line and pick up the call on another Centrex line.

  • Call Pickup: uses your telephone to answer any ringing phone in your designated group – no more running from desk to desk or room to room.

  • Call Return: lets you return your last incoming call, even though you may not know who called, with a simple code or a single button.

  • Call Screen: manages interruptions by having annoying or harassing calls diverted – this feature allows up to ten customer-designated numbers to be routed directly to a prerecorded announcement.

  • Call Trace: allows you to alert the authorities with useful information when harassing or threatening calls are made to your business.

  • Call Waiting—Incoming: lets you take a second call if you are already on the line.

  • Caller ID: displays the caller's phone number on Caller ID—compatible equipment.

  • Directed Call Pickup: lets you answer a fellow employee's line (within the call pickup group) without moving from your desk.

  • Direct Inward Dial to Direct Outward Dial Transfer: allows you to transfer an incoming direct dialed call to another location, either within the Centrex system or to an outside company, residence, car phone, etc.— instead of having the caller hang up and dial the new number.

  • Distinctive Ringing: lets you know if a call originates inside your office. A single ring means intercom; a double ring means you could be speaking to a client.

  • Executive Busy Override: permits you to interrupt on a station that has a call in progress. Parties engaged in conversation hear a warning tone before you join the conversation.

  • Flexible Route Selection: automatically routes calls over customer—designated routes. Allows you to cut costs if your business does a high volume of statewide or nationwide calling using your preselected long distance provider.

  • Meet Me Conference: allows you to hold discussions with up to thirty people on a conference call.

  • Message Waiting Indicator: alerts you with a stutter tone when someone has left a message for you. This feature is issued in conjunction with Voice Mail.

  • Music On Hold: lets your callers know that they're still on hold by providing music or an announcement. (Available in selected areas.)

  • Paging: provides access to customer—owned paging systems.

  • Priority Ringing: indicates by a special ring whether calls originate from any of up to ten numbers you select. If you also subscribe to Call Waiting, a unique tone alerts you that the waiting caller is one you've included on your Priority Ringing list. Useful in distinguishing friends from solicitors, distributors from customers, etc.

  • Remote Access to Call Forwarding: allows you to control the destination of your forwarded calls from outside the office.

  • Repeat Dialing: lets you program your phone to keep dialing when your call can't go through. A special ring alerts you as soon as the busy line is free. This feature lets you attempt to complete calls to as many as ten numbers at the same time.

  • Sectional Billing: permits you to group individual Centrex lines by department, agency, or work group. Separate bill identities will be rendered on one bill.

  • Select Call Acceptance: provides you with the greatest value of any fraud prevention system available. When this feature is activated, hacker attempts are foiled, since only callers whose numbers appear on your selected list will be allowed to complete calls. Automatically accepts calls originating from up to 31 telephone numbers you choose.

  • Select Call Forwarding: forwards calls from up to ten numbers you select. Important calls can reach you directly rather than being forwarded to voice mail. Callers not on your special list can be forwarded to still another number by using Call Forwarding—Variable, Call Forwarding—Busy Line, or Call Forwarding—Don't Answer.

  • Speed Calling: lets you connect with your most frequently called numbers by pressing just a few digits.

Select Your Centrex Feature Package!
We've combined the features businesses want most, all for one low price.

Centrex Classic Feature Package Our eight most popular features:

  • Call Forwarding – Busy
  • Call Forwarding – Don't Answer
  • Call Forwarding – Variable Unlimited
  • Call Hold
  • Call Pickup
  • Direct Inward Dial (DID) to Direct Outward Dial (DOD) Transfer
  • Directed Call Pickup
  • Message Waiting Indicator

Productivity Package
Let your phone do the busy work of redialing busy numbers, transferring calls to other lines when you're out of the office, and identifying calls so you can take the most important calls and return the others at a more convenient time.

  • Repeat Dialing
  • Select Call Forwarding
  • Priority Ringing

Security Package
If your business has a need for increased telecommunications security, Centrex has features designed to provide it. Highly sensitive institutions, such as political offices and health care clinics, can be assured that unwanted calls can be identified and handled without threat to the business. The Security Package increases the functionality of your business and controls costs, too.

  • Call Return
  • Call Screen
  • Call Trace

Electronic Business Set Package
Increase productivity by allowing for the quick and efficient transfer of calls when an attendant is not available.

  • Call Forward Reason Display: alerts the party receiving the forwarded call that you are either on your line or unavailable.
  • Fast Transfer: transfer calls with just one button.
  • Last Number Redial—Set: redials the last number dialed from an Electronic Business Set with multiple lines, regardless of the directory key used to place the call.
  • Repeated Alert: gives you up to seven warning tones alerting you to an additional incoming call. Electronic Business Set users with multiple lines will be notified that they have another call even if they're on the phone.

Pricing and Availability
Contact your 888-4-Dialtone Representative or call 1-888-434-2586.

Contact your 888-4-Dialtone Representative for ordering information, Monday through Friday, 5:30 am to 5:30 pm PST at 1-888-434-2586.

Service and Support
When you purchase Centrex, you have access to customized training materials for those features you've purchased.

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