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Fast, Flexible and Scalable!
Asynchronous Transfer Mode Cell Relay Service (ATM CRS) is a connection-oriented communications service that supports fast, efficient transfer of information in large quantities. Data, video, image and voice are bundled into segments called "cells", which then are transported via logical connections to provide quality of service guarantees over the user’s Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN). Information travels between multiple locations via dedicated connections, virtual path connections (VPCs) or virtual channel connections (VCCs).

Benefits -
ATM CRS is fast, flexible and scalable – the kind of service that can provide the speed and bandwidth you require to meet rapidly-changing needs, transport all manner of information quickly and easily and move great quantities of traffic smoothly and efficiently. Among its many outstanding benefits, ATM CRS:

  • Integrates data, video, image and voice onto one network without compromising the unique needs of each application
  • Can help lower costs by consolidating applications supported over separate networks
  • Increases network performance and capacity
  • Supports legacy applications and provides for growth (such as Frame Relay to ATM internetworking)
  • Improves network reliability and security
  • Supports scalability and quality of service (QoS) of current and strategic applications with very high speed bandwidth or stringent QoS requirements
  • Offers faster switching and greater transmission speeds than Frame Relay Service
  • Meets current networking needs while providing a networking platform to build upon for future applications

Features -
This solution is provided either on fiber optic or over standard copper facilities. ATM CRS is offered at speeds of 1.544 Mbps, 45 Mbps and 155 Mbps. ATM CRS is designed to handle applications that require different levels of performance – such as:

  • Constant flow of information, requiring a fixed amount of bandwidth with no delay and delay variations
  • Bursty type of information at variable rates, with no constraints on delay and delay variation
  • Very bursty type of information, which is insensitive to delay and delay variation and provides no specific quality of service or guaranteed throughput
Fast For Your Demands!
ATM CRS is ideal for data-intensive applications that require near-real time, mixed media communications among multiple locations. Key applications include:
  • High-speed Local Area Network (LAN) interconnection
  • Disaster recovery, business continuation and data storage
  • Business and scientific computing
  • Interactive multimedia communications
  • Internet/intranet access
  • High-performance file transfers
  • Collaborative computing – including CAD/CAM, video editing and financial modeling
  • Distance learning
  • Web-based marketing
  • Remote, mobile and extended working arrangements
  • Video conferencing
We Are Experienced In Helping You!
We are among the most experienced service providers of ATM CRS. We can provide high-speed, high-performance communications used in your LANs and WANs, treating each application based on its bandwidth needs.

We can be your single point of contact for all ATM CRS network components – enabling you to explore emerging technologies and techniques for transporting massive amounts of information with exceptional speed, reliability, security and accuracy.

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