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Local Phone Service For Your Business!

About Us

We Are Your One-Stop Solution!
Whether your business has one, or many locations, 888-4-Dialtone provides a one-stop solution for the ordering and installation of your company's phone lines. Through our relationships nationally with leading telecom providers, 888-4-Dialtone provides you with the same services and prices that the local service providers offer, but without having to spend hours on the phone ordering, arranging installation or following up on service delivery.

We Have a Great Reputation for Service!
While we work with companies of all sizes, our reputation for service has given us the ability to help many large, well-recognized companies establish their phone service needs. From the local mom-and-pop shop to Tommy Hilfiger, we are able to deliver what you want on time and meet your expectations. Click Here for a sample list of companies we have done business with.

We Make It Easier For You!
Need phone service for your new business? Want to add new features to your existing business phone service? Moving your business to another location?

Our experienced staff will help you select the services you need, place your order and facilitate installation. We support a wide range of business phone / fax service needs for small - medium sized businesses, including:


Standard Business Phone Service


Phone Features such as Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Return and Three-Way Calling


Toll-free services


Voice Mail / Voice Messaging


Advanced phone systems, such as PBX and Centrex


Fax services


DSL or Dedicated Internet Access

888-4-Dialtone provides a single point of contact for your phone ordering and installation needs. And because we have a national network, we're equipped to service your needs virtually anywhere - whether you have one locations, or locations across the country.

You will enjoy the same great service and same prices that your service provider offers without being put on hold, transferred or having to wait for business hours to conduct transactions.

Our Telecom Partners
We have established business partnerships with some of the most respected names in telecommunications nationwide, and are an authorized agent, not a reseller, for the following providers:

* Ameritech

* Southwest


* Sprint

* Pacific Bell

* US West / Qwest

What's the Cost?
Because of the relationships we have with our telecom partners, we are able to offer our services to you at no extra cost. That means you get the same range of services and pricing you would get directly from your local carrier, plus the convenience and customer support 888-4-Dialtone delivers!

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